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Ready to shift left? Evaluate your DevSecOps practices with a Maturity Assessment.

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Analyze your DevSecOps practices and provide you with a detailed state of all areas evaluated.




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Increase in traffic on portal overall.


Reduction in error pages triggered.


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We evaluate your DevSecOps and Continuous Delivery services to identify areas of improvement, lower release management costs, but also allow you to learn and adapt your operations to an agile software development environment.

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Architech Assessments; DevSecOps Maturity  


Develop a strategy for automation using best-in-class tools to release software more frequently and on-demand.

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During the assessment, our Azure Certified DevSecOps experts will do an assessment of the following areas.

DevSecOps Practices

Test, Quality Assurance & Automation

Release & CI/CD Pipelines

Version Control

Workflow & Tool Stack

Culture & Organizational Alignment

Security & Compliance Integrations

Track and manage changes to code and implement security measures at every stage of the development process.

Select and configure the right workflow and tool stack to streamline your software development process and improve efficiency.

Analysis of your organization's culture, identifying areas of strength and opportunities, and a clear understanding of the values, behaviors, and beliefs that drive your organization.

Examine your current systems and processes, identifying any gaps or weaknesses in your security and compliance infrastructure.

Evaluate your current processes, practices, and controls in place, to make informed decisions to optimize your development, security, and operations practices

Get a review of your pipeline configurations, build processes, and deployment methods to identify any areas for improvement and provide recommendations for best practices.

Identify and address any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your testing, quality assurance, and automation processes enabling your team to deliver high-quality software faster and with confidence.

Are you ready to take your DevSecOps practices to the next level? A Maturity Assessment can help you evaluate where you stand and identify areas for improvement. By shifting left and integrating security earlier in the development process, you can increase efficiency, reduce risk, and improve the overall quality of your products. 

Take the first step today and schedule a Maturity Assessment.

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Provide expert insights to help your teams build secure, scalable, resilient cloud-native solutions.


Release code faster and with confidence. 

Did you know?

Traditional Ops is 41% 

 more time-consuming overall.1

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A Comprehensive Analysis of Security and Development Practices.

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Our Azure DevSecOps Maturity Assessment helps enterprises assess the maturity of their DevSecOps practices and to identify opportunities to equip their teams with modern practices.


Transform your software delivery with a DevSecOps approach.

Trusted by leaders in developer security.

Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology to thoroughly examine your project, giving you the insights and recommendations you need to secure your code and protect your business. Don't settle for less - choose the trusted leader in developer security assessments and ensure the safety of your project.



Secure Your Code, Protect Your Business: The Outcomes of Your DevSecOps Maturity Assessment.

Get a comprehensive detailed report on where you stand in terms of your DevSecOps maturity as well as specific recommendations for improvement. With this assessment, you'll receive:

  • Detailed analysis of the current state of your DevSecOps practices

  • Detailed analysis of all areas covered by this assessment

  • Comprehensive understanding on how workloads are currently built, deployed and tooling utilized
  • Recommendations on how to improve your DevSecOps and CI/CD practices

  • Recommendations on tools and practices that your teams could adopt

  • Perspective on Azure DevOps versus GitHub


Alleviate security risks and critical issues by2


Increase in speed to market by