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WEB SERIES: Insights on Repeat 
EPISODE 2: Leaders & Laggards in the Digital Evolution - How to Win 
WHEN: Jan 18, 2022 12:00-12:30PM
WHERE: Virtual

This episode is designed to uncover the elements of digital product development that should be kept in-house and the elements that should be outsourced to a trusted partner (hint: it’s probably not what you think)!

Get the insights to stay competitive in the digital era.

A 20 minute action packed episode with 10 minutes for Q&A. 

About the speakers

Paul Laberge

App Dev Specialist, Microsoft

Paul has spent his entire career in roles helping customers in a wide variety of industry verticals to get the most out of technology. Today, he is helping customers understand, prepare for and implement Cloud-based solutions. 

Ashish Patel

CTO, Architech

Ashish has an impressive 18-year track record for identifying new opportunities, applying business acumen, and engineering products from concept to commercialization; while building customer relationships with a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. 

70 Bond Street, Suite 500 Toronto, Ontario M5B 1X3 Canada


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We know you have a busy schedule and a demanding roadmap. That is why each episode in the series is only 20 minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A. 

During your lunch break, you can meet and learn from industry leaders Ashish Patel, CTO of Architech, and Paul Laberge, Application Development Solutions Specialist of Microsoft as they explain what enterprise businesses need to do to win in the digital evolution.

The 10 minute Q&A is an opportunity to ask any questions you have. Feel free to ask the speakers your questions about how to lead in this digital evolution. 

Apply learnings directly to your business.

Paul and Ashish have extensive experience leading digital transformations. In this episode, you will get a new perspective on:

  1. How to build trust between yourself and your partner (digital transformation partner to be exact!) - including first-hand examples.
  2. How to define the outcomes you want from your digital transformation.
  3. How critical it is to build a strong working culture and align on a set of core values with your team and other stakeholders.

FAQ: Everything you want to know about Insights on Repeat

Below you'll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you're new to the Insights on Repeat on series, we encourage you to read through the relevant questions. If you don't find the answer you're looking for please contact

Q: What can I expect from the episode?
A:  Gain invaluable insights from industry experts on how to build trust between yourself and your partner including first-hand examples, how to define the outcomes you want from your digital transformation, and how critical it is to build a strong working culture and align on a set of core values with your team and other stakeholders.

Q: Will I get the chance to ask the leaders questions? 
A:  Yes, you will! Each episode has a dedicated 10 minute Q&A session where you’ll be able to ask the leaders all your questions - if we don’t get to your questions don’t worry our team will personally follow up with you after the episode to answer any questions you may have. 

Q: Who should attend this episode?  
A: Insights on Repeat web series is a content experience designed for the leaders in tech, design, marketing and business operations who are leading the digital evolution. We welcome anyone who wants to learn the latest insights surrounding digital transformation. 

Q: How do I become a guest in the next episode?
A:  Don’t fret, the process is very simple! Please send us a note to and our team will be in touch to set up an introductory call to get started.  

Q: Who is Architech? 
A:  Architech is one of Canada’s leading digital transformation firms. We partner with the enterprise businesses and scale-ups you love and depend on every day to build the digital solutions of the future. Our mission is to Build a Better Future through innovation, impact, and meaning.

Q: How do I log in to the episode? 
A:  We got you covered, one less password to remember - no login is required! Upon registration, you’ll receive an email with your link to join the live episode. Click the link in any of your emails from us to join the episode. 

Join the leaders who are championing digital transformation from the brands you love

“Control-alt-repeat is a success journey for every business leader who wants to establish a strong foundation to their transformation effort through repeatable transformation frameworks, insights into industry best practices and customer success stories" 


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A message from our founder

Hello everyone,  

We are in such an exciting time with the opportunity for change and the ability to build the future we dream of, right at our fingertips. 

Despite this amazing growth opportunity, 70% of all digital transformations are failing. While we all know it's time to modernize, enterprise businesses are faced with serious challenges along their digital transformation journey. From a lack of clear goals, to minimal technical expertise and wasted efforts, to focusing strictly on the technology.  That's why companies like Architech were built. We don't act as your vendor. We are a trusted end-to-end partner who is by your side throughout the entire process. 

In the last 17 years, we've been building the digital solutions that you’ve come to love from familiar enterprise brands like Telus, RBC and Goodfood, just to name a few.  During this journey, we've discovered key insights that can help YOU and your team drive powerful outcomes as we move into a digital-first future. 

We hope you enjoy this series and invite you become a part of the control-alt repeat community to continue the conversation.

David Suydam

CEO & Founder, Architech

Maha Amir

Marketing, Microsoft